Czech Republic Visa Guide

The Czech Republic, much like the rest of Northern Europe, is known for it’s high quality education, efficiency, and well run infrastructure. It’s an ideal playground for experimental and innovative businesses who want a stable, cost effective place to start up and grow globally. There are some interesting and promising startups popping up in Czech

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Mexico Visa Guide

A popular vacation destination for plenty of Europeans and Americans, Mexico has much more to offer than spring breaks and sunny beaches. There are growing job opportunities in Mexico for foreign professionals, and affordable costs of living, and an endless summer lifestyle. It’s a great option for recent graduates or young professionals who want to

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Hungary Visa Guide

Hungary is a hidden gem in Europe for expats. It ranks number eleven in the world for expats, outranking many of the typically popular countries! If you haven’t considered it yet, Hungary may hold the foreign experience and lifestyle you’re looking for. Hungary has also secured their place on the world’s tech map with their

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New Zealand Visa Guide

New Zealand is an incredibly interesting and diverse English-speaking destination for those seeking new cultural and work experience. Situated near Australia and the beautiful south pacific islands, it’s an island paradise with exciting cities, beautiful beaches, and some of the most distinct green landscapes in the world. Unlike many other nations, New Zealand has an

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Estonia Visa Guide

The tiny country of Estonia is making a big wave in the tech scene and may be a little preview of what the future will look like. Situated between Latvia, Russia, and Finland, Estonia is a part of the notoriously efficient and focused Scandinavian countries of northern Europe. English is widely used in Estonia, so

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Ireland Visa Guide

In terms of an English speaking experience, Ireland is one of the most different and interesting options available. Set in the UK isle in an ever green location, Ireland is a both a tourist destination and a tech destination as home to quite a few international conferences. Thanks to Brexit, Dublin is seeing another wave

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Thailand Visa Guide

Thailand, also know as land of the remote workers, is a hot destination with foreigners for unique job opportunities set to an incredible tropical backdrop that is one of the most beautiful in the world. Thailand is also known for its affordable living, perfect for young professionals looking to save while working. The Thai government

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Visa Guide: Spain

Know having the most beautiful weather and cities in Europe, Spain is the vacation spot for many Europeans and foreigners. It’s situated right in the best part of the mediterranean with central access to the rest of Europe. Spain’s carefree and relaxed culture draw immigrants to coastal cities like Valencia and Barcelona every year. This

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Finland Visa Guide

For English speakers, Finland is a dream destination for long term living and work. Boasting a high quality of life and long life expectancy, Finland comes with other perks aside from a strong job market. Finland is leading the way in Nordic startups with a growing tech scene that is getting international recognition. Finland alone

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Malaysia Visa Guide

There’s a growing interest in the “Tech in Asia” scene with the help of some interesting new startups coming out of Malaysia. A previously rural country with an absolutely beautiful landscape, Malaysia’s business friendly reputation has helped to turn it into a new Asian metropolis with growing opportunities for work. For those looking for a

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Austria Visa Guide

Last year, Austria was serious wanted to kick up the international business environment with a $204 million program just last year to help attract foreign companies and startups. They’re doing the same for foreign talent with visa programs that support highly skilled workers, recently graduated professionals, startup founders, and self-employed workers. No matter what direction

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Denmark Visa Guide

Denmark is a much sought after country to work in as the lifestyle is highly ranked by residence and immigrants. The Danish job market is quite solid and unemployment is low compared to many other countries in Europe. Denmark is joining the wave of startup-friendly countries as well with new business regulation and visa schemes

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Poland Visa Guide

Just last year, Forbes reported Poland was on track to becoming a major tech hub in Europe, joining fellow startup and entrepreneurship-friendly countries like Germany and the Netherlands. Warsaw has become home to a Google Campus, a clear sign of a growing digital hub. With a strong startup infrastructure and attractive options for foreign talent

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Singapore Visa Guide

Singapore is the island powerhouse of the South Pacific, known for attracting a ton of foreign interest in the forms of both business and tourism. Tech in Asia is a hot topic with Singapore at the front with a growing startup scene. There are so many opportunities for developing a career and impressive international resume

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Japan Visa Guide

Japan and Japanese culture hold a positive and intriguing connotation for the rest of the world. With a culture known for an interesting western flair mixed with eastern tradition, Japan never ceases to stop drawing global attention. A recently popular travel destination, it’s not surprising many are also looking for bigger and longer lasting opportunities

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Hong Kong Visa Guide

With a new capitalist approach that’s emerge over the last few decades, Hong Kong has become a hotbed for tech activity, attracting more than just the local workforce. There is a huge demand for tech skills brewing. Tech number one in demand skill in Hong Kong is software developers. Other top roles includes those who

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Sweden Visa Guide

Known for it’s overall friendly demeanor and progressive society, Sweden is a popular travel, work, and relocation destination for those in and out of Europe. It has a really logical and open policy for work and long term residency. All work permits also allow your family to come along. If you’re from the EU, you

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Canada Visa Guide

Every election in the United States, there’s a running joke of “I’m moving to Canada”, but there’s actually some really brilliant reasons to pick up and move to Canada. Opportunities for tech jobs and business are plenty in Canada and the lifestyle is highly sought after. Canada’s tech scene has had their eye on foreign

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Visa Guide: the Netherlands

Over the last few years, the Netherlands is a particularly intriguing place for people from all over the world, but particularly western countries. The English speaking community and laid back yet productive lifestyle is attractive for many young professionals looking for a place to build a career and comfortable lifestyle. With recent changes in Europe’s

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