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Mission: Every year, 65 billion empty miles are driven by trucks in the U.S. and companies are spending excess time, resources and money arranging for the transportation of their goods. Transfix is on a path to solve these problems by dynamically matching shipments from Fortune 500 companies with available trucks.

 “Freight Management System” (aka “Stark”): which is an internal web application that tracks workflow and details for all shipper accounts, loads to be moved, pricing strategies, carriers we work with, matching of loads to available trucks, required contracts, trucks in transit, and invoices that we manage. This is how we primarily service ‘fat head’ demand from large shippers/accounts.

Self-Service Booking: External web portal for new shippers to self-onboard and receive a quote for shipments they need to move. This is how we are servicing ‘long-tail’ demand from smaller shippers.

Mobile Apps for Drivers: Native apps used for tracking progress of shipments in transit and
offering new loads to drivers based on location and availability.

Pricing Services: Internal services used to optimize and automate the bidding/pricing for
shipments relative to public market rates.

API Integrations: Wide variety of data interchange with shippers, carriers, public freight
markets, and back-office systems.

 If you’re excited about transforming an industry, being part of an innovative culture, and making a positive impact on the environment, come join us! 

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