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Location Rotterdam, Netherlands
Date Posted December 5, 2017
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Web Analyst

As a Web Analyst at Helloprint, you’re the beating heart between our technology and our business. You’re the analytical engine that powers our growth and the proactive business partner who provides all of our departments with spot-on insights in online customer behavior and performance. Not only that, but you are our internal expert in customer insights, analytics and web behavior.

You work at the Marketing & Business Intelligence department, along with a team of highly motivated young specialists at the top of their field. You make a thorough analysis of our customers' behaviour on our web portals in 8 countries, with the goal of growing faster and performing better. You’ll be working closely with Marketing, PPC, CRM and Product Team.

You analyze sales funnels, campaigns, channels and bugs, and you signal trends. You‘ll make your recommendations to our stakeholders at all levels in the company and create a report cycle that truly adds value to the business. You’re a true leader in this. You are proactive and come up with insights and recommendations that provide a direction for our teams. Your technical knowledge, business and analytical mindset form the basis for everything you do.

In addition, you are the evangelist when it comes to the design of our Analytics environment. You’re responsible for the Google Analytics 360 set up on all of our international web domains, tagging implementation through Google Tag Manager, the design of our test tooling, and the implementation of other measurement software and tooling. You spread that knowledge companywide - you are the expert in this area and are constantly working on the latest developments within your domain.

How you'll do this

  • You analyse the complete behaviour of all visitors and customers from the different brands at Helloprint in all 8 countries and you make sure your analysis leads to strong conversion improvement;
  • You translate in-depth web analytics into intelligent advice for our stakeholders with the goal of growing faster and becoming better;
  • You are the driving force behind creating report cycles that really add value to the business;
  • You translate goals into clear KPIs to ensure that each team can be sent in the right direction and has the necessary insights;
  • You lead the technical setup and implementation of our web tracking environment, using Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager, and various other web tracking and test tooling;
  • You work closely with our Marketing, Product, IT and Growth teams to strive for maximum performance;
  • You provide teams with clear guidelines about tracking and analytics.

What a regular day looks like

08:30: You arrive at the office on time and start the day with a delicious breakfast in the Living, freshly prepared by Juffrouw Janny. Once you're behind your laptop, you check the top KPIs in Google Analytics immediately. They look good which is a great start to your day! As soon as you dive into weekly reports, you notice that the Conversion Rate in the UK made a big drop this weekend. You start a thorough analysis to find the underlying problem and schedule a meeting for this afternoon with the Country Manager UK.

9:30: The daily stand-up meeting begins. One of your team members indicates that he’s having trouble gathering the right data. By chance, you know about a new feature that has just been implemented in Google Analytics. After the stand-up, you explain it to him. It’s always nice to help someone. To prepare for this afternoon's meeting, you dive into Google Analytics. You make an overview of the stats and make sure you are completely prepared for any questions. While you’re doing this, you notice the timeslots and there is still room for improvement. You quickly summarise some explanations, calculations and prepare a number of recommendations plus a killer presentation, inviting your Head of Marketing, Martin and CEO, Hans. Of course, you do not want to keep this valuable information from them.

12:00: Time for a delicious lunch in the Living. After lunch, you have a meeting with the new Category Marketer from Promotional Products and you have a few insights for him. Within 30 minutes, you make it clear to him where the problem lies based on your analysis and more importantly, what he can do to improve performance. You show him how to learn this online and invite him to the Google Analytics training you give each week to keep everyone informed of the latest developments.

14.00: After your meeting with the Category Marketer you have a meeting with Team Growth. At the moment, there is no data on how our customers use the editor tool. During the conversation, it becomes clear to you what their needs are and you get started immediately after the meeting. Afterwards, you will share it on our Wiki.

16:00: You use the last hours of the day to check our UTM parameters. Unfortunately, they are not working properly, so you decide to manually convert them. Manually performing tasks that can be done automatically is a waste of your time and so you plan a meeting later this week with your team members to see how you can prevent this in the future. You grab dinner in the Living before heading to the gym. Busy day!

What we're looking for

  • You have a masters degree in Econometrics, (technical) Business Administration, Mathematics, Psychology or Marketing Intelligence and you were top of your class;
  • You have at least 3 years of experience in a large e-commerce environment, but you're ready for a new step to really make a difference;
  • You can communicate complex analyses in a clear, understandable and convincing way to stakeholders across all levels of the company and show leadership in doing so;
  • You are extremely result-oriented: You always want to win;
  • You have extensive knowledge of A / B testing, Customer Journey Analysis, and Online Marketing and you are a Google Analytics and Tag Manager expert. You have extensive knowledge of Javascript and SQL (and a little Python is a huge plus);
  • You are not afraid of change, it gives you energy. You know like nobody else how to get the best results by making changes and have no trouble convincing others.

What we offer

  • Competitive compensation, including a bonus scheme;
  • A unique challenge at one of Europe’s fastest growing e-commerce companies;
  • A fast-paced learning curve: you get big challenges instead of tasks to work on, which makes you learn faster;
  • A unique culture with 21 nationalities, an average age of 28 and an environment where freedom and responsibility are central;
  • The most beautiful office in Rotterdam, right on the Witte de Withstraat, the best street in Rotterdam it’s just 5 minutes from Rotterdam Central Station;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner arranged for you, super healthy and delicious, with lots of love made by our own Juffrouw Janny;
  • Opportunities to grow, even into our Leadership Team. We don’t look for age or background, if you are extremely good, you will grow quickly;
  • The opportunity to make yourself better: Courses, events and more, if you want to develop, you have that opportunity;
  • The best hardware and software to work with and a laptop of your choice.
  • Seriously: The best business bubbles, Team Events, our own HelloSkybar ™, do we need to say more?

Up for it?

Apply today for the challenge of your life. Our process is simple: you apply through our website and you will hear from us within 5 working days. If you do not hear from us, you did not make it to the next round. If you have, we will schedule a short phone call to let you know. What will follow are three interviews at our office: one to get to know you, a ‘performance check’, and one in-depth interview accompanied by a “personality test”. Perhaps a case or inhouse day will follow because we only want the very best at Helloprint.

Welcome to Helloprint. Design Yourself!

*acquisition will not be appreciated; potential talent only please!  

Helloprint is one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies with activities in 8 countries and winner of the Deloitte Fast50 Rising Star Award 2016. As a fast growing start-up, we’re always hungry for more growth, and we are not afraid to break the rules.

We’re looking to expand, and to do this, we’re searching for our next Helloprinters. Curious and hungry people who want to design their own road to success. Ambitious digital professionals who are up for a challenge. People who do not like being told what to do and how to do it, but who believe in freedom and responsibility, just like we do. Individuals who want to make the utmost of their career.

Are you ready for your next step? The Helloprint adventure might just be the right journey for you. Get to know Europe’s most ambitious start-up and start making the most of your opportunities today. 

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