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Location Osaka, Japan
Date Posted January 9, 2018
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Our data utilization is developing that there are many opportunities to lead a rational and attractive idea globally under open corporate style. It is an undeveloped area where you can carry out data construction to utilization from scratch.

Position A: Data Scientist/Analyst (staff level)
As a member of a newly created team, you will be responsible to collect data from whereas source, such as manufacturing, sales, operation data, or process data and modeling to provide business insight to support to improve internal business decision.

Position B: Data Scientist/Analyst (Manager)
As a manager, you'll also have the opportunity to mentor and provide guidance to other members of the team and become CDO (Chief Data Officer) in the near future.


  • Bachelor Degree or above, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Data Science, Engineering or any other data-driven field of study.
  • English: Business level or above
    Japanese: Not required, preferred
  • Position A:
    1. Min 2 years of analytical work experience
    2. Those who have experience working on big data on a global scale
    3. Logical thinking and hypothesis power based on data.                                                          4.Experience as a data scientist at a manufacturer or manufacturing research facility
  • Position B:
    1. Min 2 years of analytical work experience
    2. Management skills: Global IT structure reform Project lead and management experience and Skills
    3. Leadership skills: Skills and experience of leading teams and organizations towards what they should be involved, involving internal and external partners.
    4. Experience as a data scientist at a manufacturer or manufacturing research facility

Location: Tokyo, or Osaka, Japan

NITTO DENKO has its HQ in Osaka and is developing global business in 27 countries and regions. Its group companies total to 94 (as of May 2017) and 35,623 employees, consolidated (as of Apr 2017) are actively involved in business worldwide.

As one of business strategies is to create Area Niche Top™ (ANT) products (products geared to an area’s distinctive needs and gain the top market share in that area), Nitto aims to select growing markets and maximize their existing technologies to obtain top market share of each selected area. For example, more than 20 kinds of products are provided with top market share in fields such as electronics, automotives, medical, environmental, and house. Nitto will continue to expand into new "Green, Clean, and Fine" (environmental, new energy, and life sciences) business domains, accelerate business globalization in 5 fields (environmental solutions, new energies, life sciences, industrial tapes, optronics), and to become a one hundred-year-old company that continues to grow globally and creates value for our customers with new ideas.

[Examples of core products]
・Sea water purification RO membrane (to solve world water shortage problems)
・LCD optical films for TVs, computers, gaming devices (world's top share)
・Steel materials for damping effects of automotive doors
・Medical products (Products for Asthma Treatment wins monopoly of domestic market in Japan)

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