Sr. Software Engineer

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Location Radnor, PA
Date Posted April 1, 2019
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Job Type python


About the role

Sr. Data Engineers own the process of building out our scalable service-oriented distributed data platform architecture. They use their understanding of the data landscape to help build data integrations, develop data best practices and governance and help optimize data flow and collection for downstream consumers.

Our team, Rainbow Dash, is responsible for ingestion of large volumes of clinical data into the data platform, transforming it into syapse entities and make it available to downstream consumers within the platform. Our team is also responsible for building a reusable and highly scalable data management framework that can be used to build consistent data services within the data platform.

In this role, you will be a leader of several technology initiatives and will be a key contributor in the building of our scalable service-oriented distributed data platform architecture. As a Senior data engineer, you will help build data integrations, develop data best practices and governance and help optimize data flow and collection through the data platform for downstream cross-functional teams.

Rainbow Dash is based out of Syapse’s East Coast office, and we take pride in our unique culture and working environment. Our mission as a company is a serious one, so you can expect to join a nimble team that strives for ever-increasing quality standards. Fortunately, when you love what you do and you are surrounded by great people, you can grow and accomplish more than you think possible.

Some projects we work on:

  • Building efficient queries on a significant fraction of the cancer population to provide medical professionals guidance into proper treatments
  • Allow different healthcare systems to share patient data and unlock even greater insights
  • Translate complex, and sometimes messy, healthcare data into a standard form

Some things you’ll be doing:

  • Design and implement data-centric ingestion pipelines, APIs, and tools in our Python- and AWS-based technology stack.
  • Scale our products to handle vast quantities of complex data for our increasing number of downstream clients.
  • Move quickly between building scalable data pipelines, designing API contracts with our upstream and downstream neighbors, and delivering clean API services for our data.
  • Own projects from the whiteboard to production, and everything in between.

Some skills we’re interested in:

  • Excellent problem-solving (and question-asking!) skills. We work on a lot of hard problems, and your team will often find itself in unfamiliar territory.
  • Expert software development skills. All backgrounds and languages welcome, as long as you’re an expert in at least one language ecosystem -- just show us you can write awesome code. Bonus points for polyglots!
  • Experience with data-centric tooling like Spark, Hadoop, AWS EMR, etc. We’ll need your help ingesting huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently.
  • Experience with a variety of data management paradigms (relational databases, columnar datastores, document stores, AWS Athena, etc). You’ll help your team choose the right tools for their projects.
  • Experience building reusable and scalable frameworks
  • Some knowledge of a container-based operations stack. We run our services in Kubernetes and take advantage of many AWS managed services in order to scale.
  • Familiarity with event-driven architecture. Many of our services communicate via AWS Kinesis streams.
  • A penchant for delivering high-quality software: we hold design sessions, write architecture documents, perform data analysis, document failure scenarios, review our code, automate our deployments, and strive for the “wow” factor for everything we build.
  • A passion for taking ownership of problems and projects. We stand behind the things we build, and we support them when problems arise. We work closely with the rest of the organization to ensure that what we deliver is high-quality and ready for them to use.

Bonus points if you have

  • Healthcare data experience
  • Experience working with Python programming language
  • Experience working with the Django framework
  • Experience working in NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Visa Assistance

Open to assisting the right candidate with the following Visa(s) / Work Permit(s)

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