Forget Silicon Valley: Here Are 3 Up And Coming Tech Epicenters Around The World

Thousands of new, young tech professionals flock to the Valley each year to try their luck at making it big as an overnight millionaire founder or climbing the ranks of prestigious tech giants like Google or Facebook.

Silicon Valley’s success has become a template of exploration and entrepreneurship for other cities across the world with promising talent and resources within reach. New tech epicenters are springing up and producing startups in areas of the world far from the daunting costs and competition of the Valley.

Now, it’s talent who has the options. And with each emerging startup from outside the valley that gains traction, the list of viable tech epicenters around the world just keeps growing everyday.

To compile this list, we took a look at cities around the world that are actively seeking the most talent.

Here are the cities to watch as the new tech epicenters of the world:

1. Berlin, Germany

According to local sources, the growing group of 2,500 startups in Berlin are expected to create thousands of jobs by 2020. The cost of living is much lower than in Silicon Valley and operational overhead for businesses is quite manageable. It’s much easier to run with an experimental idea with a little more financial freedom. With a few strong standouts like SoundCloud over the last few years, Berlin is proving to be more than just a fun party city.


A Team at SoundCloud in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin wants to know the world they’re serious about their innovative potential as well. Berlin does a great job at attracting young talent who are drawn to the vibrant, creative community and social scene. In fact, 34% of those working in Berlin startups are from other countries. Berlin has also won out over London, thanks to Brexit for many European startups looking for a central home.

With additional government interest in expanding opportunities for startups, Berlin is set to rise as a tech epicenter of Europe.

Top Perks of living and working in Berlin

  • Low cost of living and overhead
  • Great social and creative scene
  • Government support for startups and foreign work
  • Raised more capital than London or Stockholm

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s strong local education system, especially for math and science, and English-speaking norm have made it a natural home for a growing tech startup ecosystem with opportunity for foreign work growing faster than ever.

Government support for tech startups has been stronger here than many places in Europe, resulting in not only brand new startups with huge funding rounds, but European headquarters for big names like Tesla, Netflix, and Uber. Again, Brexit is helping to make Amsterdam a popular relocation destination for London startups and companies. With a team of 1,600 people from 80 different countries, – Headquartered in Amsterdam – is one of Europe’s largest Work Visa Sponsoring Employer.


A team at – One of Europe’s largest Visa Sponsoring Employer.

The job market is set to explode in Amsterdam with now prominent incubators and at least 15 VC firms of their own in place to make it all happen. It’s famous laid back Dutch charm and perfect mix of the past and the future that make the lifestyle attractive as well.

Top Perks of living and working in Amsterdam

  • Old world charm, new world thinking
  • Job influx due to new HQ for top companies
  • Special, entrepreneur friendly Startup Visa programs

3. Melbourne, Australia

With a brilliant Minister of Technology forging the way for a growing tech ecosystem, Melbourne is set to become the tech epicenter of the south Pacific. Melbourne’s skilled workforce from top universities and strong infrastructure have made it attractive for tech companies to set up shop and build the next big thing in tech. Its significantly cheaper to operate your business in Melbourne that her tech rival, Sydney.

To further edge out Sydney, Melbourne offices facilitate office space and networking opportunities for tech companies to create attractive jobs for a growing highly-skilled workforce. With proximity to the booming Asian-Pacific market, it’s ideal for both new and expanding tech companies to call homebase.

Cost of living in Melbourne is also very manageable for new talent. The city is incredibly social and prides itself on a diverse food scene that attracts a creative crowd. Not to mention the beautiful vacation destinations and weather that Australia offers for those willing to make the move to down under!

Top Perks of living and working in Melbourne

  • Entrepreneur visa programs
  • Lower cost of living than Sydney
  • High standard of living and great social scene
  • Great weather throughout the year

If you’re a young tech professional, don’t worry, Silicon Valley isn’t the only place you can start your incredible career with other brilliant minds. These three upcoming tech epicenters around the world are all providing the same opportunity without the added cost, and arguably a more interesting and fun international cultural experience.

Find for your dream job in these three cities now.

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