Visa Guide: Australia

So you want to move to the land down under. Nice choice! You’ll be greeted by a laid back attitude, beautiful tropical weather, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But there’s so much more about Australia that makes it a livable city for foreign workers. The opportunities in Australia are plenty and the business environment is among the most progressive for young new professionals.

In this Australian visa guide, we’re going to tell you about the process to make the move, tips for the smoothest process, and what to expect when you make the big move.

The General Application Process: What to expect

How to get there: What are your options?

Employer Sponsored Visas: If you already have a company willing to sponsor your entry to Australia, you have 2 different possibilities:

1. A temporary skilled shortage visa (up to 4 years):

This is a new system as of July 2017. You do not need a certain amount of work experience but you will need to fill an in demand skill. This is the option for those with work experience looking to start their careers somewhere new.

2. Employer nominated scheme:

For this, your job title must be one of the eligible occupations with at least 3 years work experience. You must be of a competent level of English. If you’re established in your career and seeking new, exciting opportunities, this is ideal. This is a permanent visa, so stability is not a concern.

If you’re doing it alone:

1. Skilled Independent Visa:

This is for the majority of those who want to make the move but haven’t investigated the job market or are looking to do their own thing. To get in on your own without company sponsorship, there is a mandatory called expression of interested called the SkillsSelect you must submit for review. You will then be invited to apply. Independent visas are points tested meaning you get points towards admission based on education, experience, financial standing, etc. Your skill set must be on the eligible skilled occupation list to apply.



2. Skilled- Nominated Visa:

The skill requirement for this visa are the same as a skilled independent visa but instead you are sponsored by a state or territory government. Different states and territories have skills for which they nominate for.



3. Skilled Regional Provisional Visa:

You can use this if you have a territory/state that will sponsor you based on skill set or have an eligible relative to sponsor you. This hold the same rules as the skilled regional sponsored visa: you can work where there is demand for your work in low population areas. For someone without work experience but with a family member to sponsor, this is the way in!



Curious about how you stack up currently? Want to estimate what your bill might be? Check out these resources below:


The full eligible skill/occupation list

What Australia considers “good character”

Visa processing cost estimator

Good luck on your adventure!

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