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Every election in the United States, there’s a running joke of “I’m moving to Canada”, but there’s actually some really brilliant reasons to pick up and move to Canada. Opportunities for tech jobs and business are plenty in Canada and the lifestyle is highly sought after.

Canada’s tech scene has had their eye on foreign talents for quite some time and the Canadian government is very supportive of innovative new companies and international perspectives.

If you want to bring your expertise to Canada, they will gladly trade you for a beautiful new home and vibrant community.

Check out the options below to find out which is best for you!


Work Visa Permits:

It is best to come in under a trade agreement with a skillset approved by one of these three trade agreements: NAFTA, GATs, and other trade agreements.

You apply for a work permit visa at anytime from your home country or during your 3 month visitor permit in Canada, as long as you give yourself 30 days before it expires. The work permit grants you the right to stay and work in Canada for the extent of your permit.

To be eligible you must:

  • Show you have enough money to support your stay and way out
  • Have no record of criminal activity
  • Be in good health
  • Work for an eligible employer
  • Provide the documents your local visa office requests of you.


There are two types of work permits:

  1. Open Work Permits: allows you to work for anyone who is eligible to sponsor.

There are generally only available to those who are already have permanent residency, have a family member or spouse with permanent residency, are young workers in special programs, or are refugees.

  1. Employer Specific Work Permits (more likely): allows you to work for a specific employer for the amount of time and location agreed upon in your contract.


Here’s the process:

  1. Get your documents together:
  • Proof of education – your degree or certificate
  • A copy of your Labor Marketing Impact Assessment or employer number (handled through employer)
  • A statement of your job offer
  1. Get your application package: Find the application online for either applying from inside Canada or outside Canada
  1. Pay your fee online here.
  2. Submit your application via mail to a VAC in your country or near you in Canada.


Express Entry:

Express entry is perfect for skilled workers looking for a temporary work period in Canada that may eventually be able to turned into a permanent residency. This is a way to “test out” Canada.This is a pool and points system. You need to rack up points to qualify to be invited to apply. It also helps to be in touch with companies looking for candidates ahead of time.

Here is the process:

  1. Enter your skill sets and validation
  2. Begin looking for jobs via job listings.
  3. Get invited from selection in the pool.


Your application will stay in the pool waiting for 12 months. After, you can reapply. As always, it is advised to seek sponsorship through an employment contract for the best luck!


International Experience Canada:

If you’re young and just getting started, this is a great option to explore Canada for a bit and get some valuable work experience on your resume. For this, your country will have to be one that works with this program.


There are three routes you can take with this:


  1. Work Holiday: essentially, they offer you an open work visa so you can work and live in more than one location. This is for those who want to work odd jobs while taking an extended vacation in Canada.


  1. Young Professionals: This is if you already have an offer with a company in an industry you’re looking to gain experience in. You can work at their location during your stay in Canada.


  1. International Co-Op Internship: This is for those of you working and finishing studies. You will need an internship offer with a Canadian company. This indership needs to be vital to the completion of your studies. You will need to be in a post-secondary school.


Check here what is available for you based on your home country.

Additionally, here is a list of organizations that can help place you for this process.

Here’s the process:

  1. Determine your eligibility.
  2. Submit a profile to one or multiple pools.
  3. Wait to be invited to apply.
  4. Apply and make travel plans.

As you can see, there are a good amount of relatively flexible options for work and travel in the Canada for many nations around the world. The process is relatively easy and there is plenty of opportunity available for many skillsets. As always, you can search for companies hiring and sponsoring right now here at to help get you abroad!


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  1. thanks for your information. actually
    I’m eager to immigrate to Canada. I’m from Iran. should I start a profile in the Express Entry system first? In Express Entry, Having a valid job offer has a point, and I need this point, but when I searching job I’m told I have to have a profile in Express Entry. I don’t know what to do I’m in a circular mistaken way. please guide me..

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