Czech Republic Visa Guide

The Czech Republic, much like the rest of Northern Europe, is known for it’s high quality education, efficiency, and well run infrastructure. It’s an ideal playground for experimental and innovative businesses who want a stable, cost effective place to start up and grow globally. There are some interesting and promising startups popping up in Czech Republic that are sure to bring more business and job opportunities for foreign talent along with them. Search for companies hiring in the Czech Republic here.


It’s a nice, high life quality place for young professionals to find new, exciting work experience in a primarily-English speaking environment. However, there is really only one way to get a Czech employment and residence permit and that is to find an employer to help sponsor you.


Employee Card:

The Czech Republic has recently put in place a replacement to the former “blue card” employment visa. The Employee Card will allow you to both live and work in the Czech Republic past your original 90 day visa. Both you and your employer will apply for your Employee Card while you are still in your home state. You will then be granted the ability to move and begin your stay. So it is best to plan ahead for obtaining an Employee Card by having a contract worked out with a Czech company. Search jobs in the Czech Republic sponsoring visas here.


The employer card is generally issued for two years and you may only work for that employer during that time without having to update your card and status. There are some cases, however, where you will still need to apply for a work permit outside of your Employee Card to legally work. You can find them here.


Here is the process:

  1. You will submit your application and original documents (listed below) at a local embassy.
  2. Your employer will submit their end of the documents in the CR.
  3. You will receive a decision within 60 days.
  4. When you arrive you will be able to go to a consulate and get your card with biometric details.


Here are the documents you will need to submit:

  1. application form,
  2. a valid travel document,
  3. 2 photographs showing the current appearance of the foreign national,
  4. a document confirming availability of accommodation,
  5. visa fee
  6. Your employment contract
  7. Documents proving your professional qualifications
  8. Documents proving your education qualifications have been approved by a CR authority (here is how)
  9. A government issued background check from your home state
  10. A medical report translated into Czech

After the 60 processing period is done, you should have  decision and be able to move into the Czech Republic and begin work legally. You will need to go to a consulate and get your permanent card as soon as possible after your arrival. After two years, you may renew this card.

As you can see, the process is incredibly efficient and straight forward. The only thing you need to have handled ahead of time is an employment contract that fits with Czech standards. Your employer will help you greatly during the process. Search jobs open in the Czech Republic here!


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