Data Warehouse Architect & Mentor

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Location Monrovia, Liberia
Date Posted July 24, 2017
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Job Description

Purpose of the position

To design and implement a data management infrastructure (databases & tools) that serves the MOH’s requirements for interoperability and analytics, and to teach others how to sustain the infrastructure using industry-standard techniques and  open source data integration tools

The March 2017 HIS interoperability strategy and roadmap update recommends progressively implementing a data hub concept followed by data marts and an enterprise data warehouse. A data warehouse architect is required to assess the interoperability and analytic requirements of specific HIS applications.  For example, the architect needs to determine if data should be transformed to adhere to a dimensional prior to the start of analysis.  In addition, a data warehouse architect is required to provide mentoring and technical support to the systems analyst who will be accessing different data sources in order to create entries for the data catalog and system context diagram.

What you’ll do

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Other duties may be assigned.

 i.  Activities:

  1. Develop strategies for data acquisition, data warehouse implementation and backup and recovery.
  2. Consult with the Systems Architect and Technical Working Group (TWG) to determine if integration use cases are best approached through direct use of APIs (application programming interfaces) or through an intermediate data hub and ETL.
  3. Act as a focal point for data-related inquiries.
  4. Design and implement relational database schemas for storage and processing.
  5. Perform day-to-day administration of the databases that contain the data hub and data marts, including backup and recovery.
  6. Use ETL (extract, transform and load) techniques and an open source data integration tool to access, cleanse, conform and transfer data between HIS systems
  7. Ensure that ETL jobs and transformations leverage the Data Catalogue to improve service levels and reduce maintenance costs.
  8. Monitor and troubleshoot ETL jobs and transformations.
  9. Document, then train and progressively transfer operational responsibility to individuals at the MoH.

 ii. Expected Outputs/Outcomes:

  1. A data hub and data marts will be designed, implemented, deployed and maintained in production.  Pending review of requirements, an enterprise data warehouse will also be deployed.
  2. Individual departments within the MoH will be able to access the data hub and data marts, reducing dependency on department-specific databases.
  3. Application interoperability decisions will be made in consultation with the Data Warehouse Architect, leading to the consistent selection of appropriate integration techniques.
  4. Procedural documentation and informal training materials will be created and communicated to the MoH for use in mentoring staff who will take over operational responsibility for the data hub and data marts.
  5. Related work products (e.g. ETL jobs and transformations, shell scripts, SQL queries) will be maintained under version control in a GitHub repository.


Who you are

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required to successfully perform this job:

  1. Five or more years of experience performing data warehouse architecture development and management.
  2. Proficiency with dimensional modeling techniques such as star schema design.
  3. Experience with interoperability concepts and techniques such as scheduled and event-driven data transfer.
  4. Ability to determine if available data can meet business analytical requirements and to remediate where possible.
  5. Knowledge of the architecture and functionality of different data storage environments including relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server), document databases (CouchDB) and MS Office products (Access, Excel).
  6. Ability to understand and interpret different data encoding formats including CSV, JSON and XML
  7. Experience writing extract-transform-load routines using scripts (e.g. Python) and open source ETL tools.
  8. Ability to use credentials and tools to connect to and extract data from relational databases, document databases and RESTful web services.
  9. Administrative experience with databases such as PostgreSQL.
  10. Ability to communicate technical concepts to junior staff members and to supervise their work.
  11. Strong analytical, consultative, and communication skills; as well as the ability to make good judgment and work with both technical and business personnel.


Who we are

eHealth Africa designs and implements data-driven solutions and technologies to improve health systems for and with local communities. eHA’s technology works in low connectivity settings, and smartly uses data to drive decision-making by local governments and partner agencies to get optimum results.

We leverage our staff and department expertise across five programmatic areas:

  • Health Delivery Systems
  • Public Health Emergency Management Systems
  • Disease Surveillance Systems
  • Laboratory & Diagnostic Systems
  • Nutrition & Food Security Systems

In each of these programmatic areas, we partner with governments, communities, nonprofits and other stakeholders to generate holistic solutions, because we believe that every community deserves access to the types of tools that can enable them to lead healthier lives.

Above all

We believe strongly in our mission and our core values, and our teams are most successful when they do also.

IMPACT & QUALITY: We work on solving big problems. We believe in the power of technology to make a transformational difference in health systems, and we know that when we do high-quality work, we have the opportunity to change lives in the communities we impact.

INNOVATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING: We maintain a worldview driven by possibilities, not limitations. We build smart systems that will sustain beyond our tenures. We challenge prevailing assumptions, respect the urgency of the environments we operate in, and take smart risks to search for the best solution.

PASSION: We care intensely about what we do, and about whom we do it with. We inspire others with our tenacity and commitment to our communities and each other.

HONESTY: We are honest with our communities, our partners, our donors, and ourselves. We communicate with candor, respect, and humility. We are quick to admit our own mistakes, and work to correct them with openness & expediency.

GROWTH & LEARNING: We embrace curiosity. We pursue and promote continuous learning, share our skills and knowledge, and actively work to make ourselves and those around us better.

OWNERSHIP: We work to become part of the fabric of the communities in which we work. We value our seat at the table, and invest in the places we call home.

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