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Just last year, Forbes reported Poland was on track to becoming a major tech hub in Europe, joining fellow startup and entrepreneurship-friendly countries like Germany and the Netherlands. Warsaw has become home to a Google Campus, a clear sign of a growing digital hub. With a strong startup infrastructure and attractive options for foreign talent growing, Poland is set to take a piece of the action.


Join the hype by seeking a new career opportunity abroad in Poland! There are plenty of companies in Warsaw and other incredible cities seeking foreign workers to fill positions now that will help sponsor visas. The Polish government is supportive of new innovative companies and new talent.


There are several options for both living and working in Poland you can take a look at below:


Firstly, to live in Poland you need a residence permit. This permit allows you to live but not necessarily work in Poland. You apply for a residence permit and the Polish government decides to grant you one for several reasons including work, family, extended vacation, etc.


Since it’s likely you will want to be working while living long term in Poland, we are going to focus on the process for getting a work and residence permit in Poland. With a job offer or approved business investment in Poland, you will be granted a permit for some time between one and three years. It is renewable.


Here is how you apply for a temporary residence permit:

Here’s the interesting thing: you must apply for your temporary residence permit in person. So, if you intend to have a job in Poland, it is recommended that you have a job offer settled before arriving.


Here is the process (it’s quite straightforward):

  1. Find your local office.
  2. Bring all necessary documents with you (listed below).
  3. Wait for processing (about one month).
  4. Pay the fee of PLN 340 (about $95 USD).


Documents necessary:

  • Four completed copies of the application.
  • Three copies of your passport and the original.
  • Four color photographs (passport photos).


You will likely want to be working the month that you are waiting for this to process. Below we will explain the process for obtaining your work permit after you’ve found a job:


Getting a work permit in Poland:

If you want to work on your temporary visa, you will need a work permit. There are four types of work permits available:


  1. For those under an employment contract – Type A.
  2. Those working as a board member in Poland between 6 and 12 months – Type B.
  3. International transfers in a company with an office in Poland – Type C.
  4. A temporary worker for a company with no official branch – Type D.


You are more than likely going to be Type A. Here’s the best part about that: your employer applies for your work permit for you!


You will, however, need to help your employer out with a few documents that you will supply. These include:

  • A filled out application form.
  • Your passport copied.
  • Your certifications of qualification (as specified by your employer, likely).


The rest your employer will need to take care of for you. After processing, both you and your employer will receive copies. This permit is for up to three years and your employer must apply for further renewal within one month of expiration. A work permit should be applied for within one month of the beginning of your work/stay in Poland.


As you can see from the process above, to migrate to Poland, it is best to secure a position before your arrival and have your employer help get your work permit so you can secure your residence permit easily and quickly. This is necessary as everything is done at an official office, in person. You have time once your arrive to process everything together!

Here are some further resource to help you:

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