Singapore Visa Guide

Singapore is the island powerhouse of the South Pacific, known for attracting a ton of foreign interest in the forms of both business and tourism. Tech in Asia is a hot topic with Singapore at the front with a growing startup scene. There are so many opportunities for developing a career and impressive international resume with so many companies seeking talent from other countries.

Singapore offers a really interesting Eastern culture mixed with a tropical landscape, climate, and impressive city. It’s a great place to start an exciting few years of international work for professionals of any experience level.

To work in Singapore, it is best to have an employer to help you get a work pass or permit. Search jobs hiring and sponsoring foreign talent in Singapore now here. Your employer will likely in most cases need to apply for you.


Professional Employment Pass:

This visa is for professionals with a job offer in Singapore making over $3600. This is normally offered for two years, is renewable, and you can sponsor family. This is for all managerial, executive or specialised jobs. You must prove adequate qualifications for your position. You can check your probably eligibility here.

Here are the document you’ll need to gather:

  • Passport pages copied
  • Company’s business profile
  • Your educational certificates


Your employer will apply online for you and the process should take about 3-8 weeks. After you arrive, you will be able to pick up your card. After you get your card, you can personally apply for additional visas for family.



This is the official visa for anyone wanting to start their own business in Singapore. You do not need to declare a minimum salary. You are able to get two years on this visa before renewal. You must plan to register your company with the ACRA. If you already have, your company must be less than 6 months old.

There are three types of entrepreneurs who can enter on this visa:

  1. Entrepreneur are anyone who:

  • Has funding from government-recognized VC or angel investor.
  • Is at an incubator recognized by the government.
  • Is able to prove business or entrepreneurial record.
  1. Innovators:

  • Hold intellectual property.
  • Has research collab with research institutes in Singapore.
  • Have extraordinary achievements in industry.
  1. Investors:

  • Can prove investment track record.


No food, nightlife, massage parlors, or employment agencies are allowed.


Here are the documents you need to produce:

  • Proof of professional experience or education.
  • Proof of intellectual property.
  • Business plan outlining product/service, market analysis, and licensing, market plan, operation plan, financial projections, and management team.
  • Passport


Submitting this will cost $70 and a fee of up to $150 when your pass is issued. Usually, this takes about 8 weeks to process. To apply, submit an EntrePass application form  with your documents to a local Singpost branch.


Personalized Employment Pass:

This visa if for high-earners and offers a bit for freedom than an employment pass. You can apply directly and must make over $18,000 a month. This will get you three years and is not renewable. You can hold a job in any sector and do not need to cancel and renew your pass if you move around jobs.

Submitting this will cost $70 and a fee of up to $150 when your pass is issued. Usually, this takes about 8 weeks to process.

Here are the documents you will need:

  • Passport
  • Educational certificates
  • Employment history
  • Latest 3 months of salary slips
  • Latest tax statements


You can submit all of these at your local SingPost branch. You will have 6 months to get your pass issued!


S Pass:

The S Pass visa is perfect for recent graduates looking for foreign work experience. This visa requires that you have a job offer with an employer who will apply for you. Search for vacancies looking to sponsor here. Your contract must say you will earn at least $2,200 a month and this pass is valid for up to two years. You may renew after that.


You will need to prove:

  • You have a degree or diploma in your skill.
  • You have work experience.
  • You will be making the minimum.   


Check your eligibility here.


To apply you will need:

  • Your passport
  • Your company’s business profile (handled by your company)
  • You education certificates.

Your employer will apply for you and the process will take up to 8 weeks!

The process for Singapore is straightforward and there are many different ways to enter and work legally. However, for those not planning to open a startup, it is recommended to get in touch with an employer right away for their help with a visa. Search Singapore companies looking for foreign talent here.

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